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How Santos Will/Can Be fixed

Discussion in 'Announcements & Information' started by Jason Jones, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones Server Manager
    Server Manager SantosRP Staff

    Nov 25, 2016
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    Santos is in the process of being fixed. however I think that we can do more to bring the players back.

    1.More Passive RP, this means more roleplaying situations out. you have an accident, IE call the cops. don't rob him because he hit your car. that's why we have cops on the server. we like to RP too.

    2.Go grow weed, gunsmithing is about to be whitelisted since it was abused. apply for a permit so you can grow and sell it yourself. however if you are caught with large amounts on your person, you can still be arrested.

    3,Stop leading the cops on a chase. Did you know that the cops can just give you a speeding ticket/warning? "oh my"

    4.Start Streaming the server. Also Nomad members should get on and help rebuild instead of bashing it, or complaining about how you got arrested in shoutbox, "that can be considered meta btw" instead, how about making a case on the forums to the DOJ, that's why they are there.

    5.If you are Whitelisted For EMS, stay on duty. I say this because most players that RP, see that there are no EMS on. but there is like 6-10 cops they will instantly leave because of that. EMS is so in depth. even better than PD IMO.

    6.Try to help the new people out that join. That's how I made friends on the real Santos. yeah they may or may not trust you, but hey if they don't, oh well. but if they do. show them how its supposed to be played.

    7. Apply For government jobs. I know I'm tryng to get the SWAT team started, and also the Sheriffs office.EMS and the fire department needs dire help. I mean the FD has a freaking ladder truck. as EMS you can revive and heal draw blood to see if people have drugs/alcohol in their blood stream.

    8.Follow the rules. the rules are there for a reason, Read them and abide by them, they are really simple and self explanatory.

    9Any questions, comment below and I will get back with you with an answer..